Sobre él

Rafael Fernandez Martin, conocido artísticamente como “Vivillo”, sobrenombre que le viene de su abuelo, nació en La Linea de La Concepción (Cadiz). Siguiendo la tradición musical de su familia, ingresó en el Coro de la Iglesia Evangélica de Filadelfia; una auténtica academia de grandes voces en la que estuvo de forma continua durante mas de 10 años y de la que aún hoy forma parte, lo que le permitió además adquirir un gran amor por el piano, del que hoy se acompaña en algunas de sus actuaciones. 


“You guys are too stupid to play and your drummer is a gimp,” I shout at them through the din of tuning instruments. Behind me, another critic chimes in with “Go back to Whittier you has-been scumbags.”

Their singer smiles. “Glad to see you guys, too,” he deadpans into the microphone. Their drummer four-clicks and, as the band begins their first song, the backyard erupts into the sea of ritualized violence we call dancing. Many fall to the ground, but are quickly picked up by watchful friends and relatives. Somewhere in the middle of the set, I make my way back toward the keg, parched, sweaty, and loving every minute of the night. Two bands later, my brother informs me that he’s talked one of the bands into lending us their equipment and that we will be playing after Anti-Social, who are currently onstage. We find Scott, our singer, and make our way back toward the stage. Anti-Social finishes and we tune up the borrowed instruments. Scott introduces us as “just another band fromEast L.A.” and we begin our set amidst a hail of reciprocated insults from the members  and a shower of wasted beer.

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